A unique investment opportunity

Investing in Arte Antiga Bakery is a unique opportunity. Alentejo Bread, a cultural icon, stands out in the market of artisanal and healthy food. With a strong brand, experienced team, and social responsibility, the bakery ensures quality. We create distinctive solutions in Bakery, Pastry, and Confectionery, with the aim of mobilizing our customers to prefer products and brands made in Portugal, always anchored to excellent service, quality, and efficiency.

Quality and differentiation are our main focus.


Freshly Baked


Our Spaces


Our bakeries were inspired by Alentejo architecture, where you will find authentic Alentejo bread and other traditional delights.


A healthy food restaurant, offering light options such as salads, baguettes, and delicious granolas for your snacks throughout the day.


In the center of Évora, here you can have lunch or indulge in our regional cakes, as well as enjoy our selection of wines and beers.


At the Leroy Merlin Cafeteria in Évora, you will find a selection of our products, ranging from salads and baguettes to daily pastries.


Quality above all

We want our quality to be our standout feature.
Prepared every day with the same level of excellence!

Traditional Bakery

For true bread enthusiasts, its production is a true art. That's why we manufacture ours with utmost care and love.

For all occasions

We're here for Christmas, Easter, Birthdays, or even for Afternoon Tea! Always fresh and also available for pre-order.

Conventual Pastry

Egg yolks, almonds, gila (a type of squash preserve), and sugar. These are the ingredients that, when combined in different ways, give rise to the delicious conventual cakes and sweets.

Bolos Secos Alentejanos

Dry cakes, cookies, and biscuits, with coconut, cinnamon, olive oil, fennel seeds, or honey. Discover each variety and choose your favorite!

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