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"At Padaria Arte Antiga (Ancient Art Bakery), we don't simply produce bread - we are committed to preserving and promoting a gastronomic tradition that is a vital part of the identity and culture of Alentejo. For us, Alentejo Bread is more than just a meal - it is a culinary treasure that deserves to be appreciated and savored by all.

Each bread we produce is a testament to our love for our region and our dedication to keeping the tradition of Alentejo Bread alive. We only use the finest local ingredients and bake each bread in traditional brick ovens, following ancient production methods that include the use of natural yeast, also known as 'sourdough,' which is the key ingredient responsible for the characteristic tangy flavor of this type of bread."

We begin by preparing the sourdough starter, which is a portion of dough taken from the previous batch and left to ferment until the next kneading. To this fermented dough, we add the remaining ingredients - wheat flour, salt, and water - and knead everything together. Then, we let this new dough rest to ferment. After this resting period, we cut, weigh, and shape the dough into the final shape of the bread. The bread loaves are placed on trays for a second fermentation, which is shorter than the first. Finally, the loaves are baked in brick ovens for the necessary time until they acquire the dense structure and characteristic flavor of Alentejo Bread.

The result is a delicious and authentic bread that cannot be found anywhere else.


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